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General Documentation

High level entry page to the Yacora documentation

This website was built with the purpose to make available to the public some of the existing collisional radiative models based on the flexible package Yacora. In order to use Yacora on the web, the user has to be registered. The only information that must be specified on the registration form are a username, a password and the institute of affiliation. After the registration, the user can access to the page where it is possible to submit the input parameters for Yacora.

The control panel

After the authentication, a black bar (control panel) appears on the left. In the bottom part of it, there is a tab with the name of the user. Clicking on it, three options appear: "My Folder", "Preferences" and "Log out".  The first option redirects to the folder of the user. In fact, all the users have a folder on the website (that is generated after the registration) in which the results of the calculations are stored. Since the user is owner of his or her folder, he or she can download the files inside delete the content, rearrange it , etc... (all these operations are better explained below).  The second option allows the user to change some personal information and the password. The third option is self-explanatory.

Structure of the website

The homepage shows the starting point for submitting the input parameters. The first choice is the model. According to the chosen model, the user is redirected to a page in which the input parameter must be given. Each page has its help page and the user is strongly recommended to read this page before submitting the input parameters. When all the field are filled, the user can submit the parameters which are sent to reviewer to be checked. The review has two possibility: approves the input parameters or rejects them. In the last case, an email with the reason of the rejection is sent to the user. If the input parameters are approved, the calculation can start. When it is finished, a new folder named as the date when the calculation has been started is created and the results are stored in this folder. At the same time, an email is sent to the user as notification. In this email is also reported the standard output of Yacora. If for some reasons the calculation should not be successful, the user is immediately informed by email and the review as well. It is the burden of the reviewer inform the user about what went wrong. Anyway, the user can always contact the reviewer sending an email to



User folder 

As explained before, the user can access to its folder from the control panel (the black bar on the left). Each user is owner of his or her folder, thus the option Contents appears on the top of the control panel. Clicking on it, the user can rearrange the entire content of the folder, delete files or folders and change the position of the inside object. To come back to the default view, just click on button View. The option Add new allow the user to add files or documents in the folder or add another folder in order to organize the results of the calculations.

Coming back to the user space, let's suppose that you have a folder with some files. To view the content of a file just click on the file name. If you want to download the file, then you have to click again on the file name. If you want to download the entire folder, click on it and select the option Export as Zip under the Action tab in the control panel.

Help pages for supported models